yayayanonono, 2010

Anonymous, “Lorraine O’Grady meet Martin Margiela.” Illustrated fashion blog article claims Margiela’s “blouse of gloves” rips off Mlle Bourgeoise Noire. yayayanonono.wordpress.com, February 4, 2010.

Lorraine O’Grady meet Martin Margiela There is a lot of internet buzz about a huge Margiela collection coming up for auction and it brought this piece back in front of my eyes. Where had I seen this piece before, I wondered. So familiar. Then I remembered that Lorraine O’Grady made a dress of white gloves back in 1980 as part of her Mlle Bourgeoise Noire persona.

White male designer rips off black feminist artist to sell clothes to white female art collectors? Coincidence? Just more evidence of the supposed genius of Margiela? You decide. But let me just say that if you are wearing this top at a Lorraine O’Grady show it’s going to make for some awkward conversations.

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