Dorothée Dupuis, Triangle France, 2010

Dorothée Dupuis, Invitation to Exhibit in K. Acker: The Office, Triangle France, 2010.

from an invitation to exhibit in K. Acker: The Office

I’m preparing a group show here in Marseille at Triangle, opening end of April. The exhibition, which revolves around the figure of author Kathy Acker, is seen as a matrix of encounters between artists, authors, philosophers, video-makers… all working in the fields of “personification,” gender studies, autofiction and so on.

I would like you to be part of this show as to me you totally embody Acker’s positions about autofiction, roleplaying, the interaction of politically active and subversive reflection, and about representation. After re-visiting your website,

I would like to propose that you present “Rivers, First Draft” because it really embodies the universe we are trying to build… an ambivalent one, where things are not so fixed, where pain and pleasure, love and hate, freedom and contrition can easily be mistaken one for the other… This is something I like in your piece, the contrast between the pastoral pictures and the ongoing, underlying tragedy of the narrative. It is also important that the work is contemporary to Acker’s writings, where most of the other works are more recent. This brings something special, even the fact that paradoxically the “Rivers, First Draft” images look super contemporary, they could totally have been made nowadays…

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